A probate is often required when a family member or other property owner dies and court supervision is necessary. This process can be avoided with good planning. We often see clients, however, who are heirs of an estate where there is no will or only a simple will was used. Probate can be a long, expensive, and complex process that should only be handled by an experienced attorney to avoid hidden risk and expense.

A detailed review of all estate assets will often allow us to identify many assets which can pass to heirs without probate administration. A simplified process can often be used to avoid a full probate where possible. This can save substantial time and money.

With the filing of a probate, we use care to identify all heirs, provide required notice and publication, and complete all filings properly and on time. Every effort is made to avoid unnecessary delay and complete the probate process in a time-sensitive and effective manner. We pay attention to the needs of our clients to assure the best possible result.